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In the twelfth century, a group of Benedictine nuns chose this spot because of its beauty and its solitude. For four centuries it was home to their order until Henry VIII evicted them in 1540. Over the years that followed, the Priory was used as a Parish church before falling derelict and becoming a home for stray chickens!

During the 1960's the animals moved out and the Priory was converted by the Diocese into an Outdoor Education and Residential Centre. In 1994 the old Prioress's house was converted from a barn into a large new common room. Further works were completed in 2003 to upgrade the boys bathrooms, drying facilities and our provision for those with disabilities

Today thousands of visitors a year still appreciate this place for the very same reasons that the nuns chose it 850 years ago. Enjoying both adventure and tranquility through a range of activities and residential opportunities.



Marrick Priory

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The text in the three pages above has been taken from "A History of Marrick Priory", written in 1975 by Rev. Jonathon Bailey.

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