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A residential trip to an outdoor education centre can be an extremely rewarding experience. For a school or uniform group it can really enhance a child's personal and social development giving them plenty of chances to shine where you might least expect. Alternatively, you may be planning a trip away with a youth or adult group, in which case it can provide the perfect opportunity to share some amazing experiences whilst developing friendships. Below is a selection of quotes in support for: adventure, outdoor education and school trips.


"I am happy to place on record that the government supports the role of adventure as part of active education, especially in helping young people to learn about assessing and managing risk, in offering them new and exciting challenges, and in helping them to gain skills in leadership and team working that will be of huge value in their progression to adulthood."

...Tony Blair, Prime Minister, 2001

"We are convinced of the value of adventurous outdoor activities for children and young people."

...House of Commons Education Committee, 1995

"Outdoor activities both at school and on residential courses enable pupils to enjoy challenging and unfamiliar experiences that test and develop their physical, social and personal skills. They can be among the most memorable experiences for pupils of their school days... we must work harder to ensure pupils in all schools do not miss out on these opportunities."

...David Bell, HM Chief Inspector of Schools, 2004

"Children need to be taught how to deal with risks in life. We will encourage learning outside the classroom and provide protection for teachers worried about school trips."

...Conservative Party Election Manifesto, 2005

 "We believe every child and young person should experience the world outside the classroom as an integral part of their learning and development, complementing learning in the classroom. High quality education outside the classroom can stimulate and inspire; foster independence; aid personal and social development; and can often motivate reluctant learners. These experiences should be stimulating, safely managed and enjoyable, and contribute to meeting the needs of every child."

...Department for Education and Skills

"We agree with the Committee that there is a wealth of good practice and many committed teachers, Heads and providers who value the benefits of learning outside the classroom and who make sure pupils experience a range of safe and stimulating activities. We believe these experiences should be widely acknowledged as an essential part of children's education at all stages."

...Government response to the Second Report from the Education and Skills Committee, Session 2004-05.

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Marrick Priory dates back to the 12th century. It has been used as an Outdoor Education and Residential Centre since 1960's.
Outdoor Education   Outdoor Education
Outdoor education and residential trips can be invaluable experience that will be remembered for a lifetime.
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Marrick Priory is licensed by the Adventure Activities Licensing Authority (AALA).
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