Marrick Priory

Council Protest

Date: Tuesday 7th March 1967
Headline: Council protest over grave ‘desecration’
Source: The Northern Echo

Reeth Rural Council is to “shout loud and long” about “desecration of graves” by putting a drain and septic tank in the churchyard of Marrick Priory.

Last month, the Council objected to plans by Marrick Priory Trust to adapt the disused church adjoining the Priory ruins for use as a young people’s adventure centre.

This involves building an extension to provide hostel accommodation for about 40 young people, who would use the centre at holiday times for spiritual and physical recreation.

The plan also shows a sewer to a septic tank in the churchyard, and because of this, the council got in touch with the architect responsible for preparing the scheme.

Last night, members received a reply from the architect, who said that the Chancellor of the Diocese of Ripon had issued a faculty authorising all the proposed works and developments at the Priory.

Amid cries of ‘“Disgraceful” and “Ridiculous.” Coun. R.Weighell asked: “What right
has he to move gravestones?”

Coun. J. Calvert said: “He should not ride roughshod over public opinion.”

The chairman, Coun. F. N. Brown, said they should protest most strongly and Coun. Mrs. A. Carter said they must “shout loud and long.”

Because members felt the Chancellor of the Diocese might not be aware that it was proposed to put a septic tank and sewer among the graves, it was agreed to send copies of the correspondence about the matter to him and to tell Richmond’s M.P., Mr. Tim Kitson.

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