Marrick Priory

Newspaper Articles

The newspaper articles below chronicle the inception and development of Marrick Priory as an Outdoor Centre.

1967 – Council Protest

Date: Tuesday 7th March 1967
Headline: Council protest over grave ‘desecration’
Source: The Northern Echo
Summary: Council object to initial plans for adventure centre because they include a drain and septic tank in the churchyard. Read more…

1968 – Conversion to Youth Centre

Date: May 1968
Headline: Conversion of historic Marrick Priory into Youth Centre
Source: Youth Service Magazine
Summary: Lengthy article that details the proposed establishment of Marrick Priory as a Youth Centre.  Includes info on funding, facilities and outlook. Read more…

1969 – Preparing to Open

Date: Thursday 21st August 1969
Headline: The French and English working party busy at Marrick Priory
Source: The Northern Echo
Summary: The first people to stay at Marrick Priory in recent times is preparing for the centre’s planned opening in the spring of 1970.  Read more…

1969 – Plans for the Centre

Date: Approx. 1969
Headline: Yorkshire priory to become an adventure centre
Source: The Church Times
Summary: A summarised history of Marrick Priory, plans for the centre and details on funding and costs.  Read more…

1970 – First Guests

Date: Approx. 1970
Headline: Untitled news article
Source: Alfred Talyor
Summary: Some boys from nearby Bedale are some of the first guests to visit Marrick Priory as an Outdoor Centre. This details their experience.  Read more…

1971 – First Warden

Date: Thursday 1st April 1971
Headline: First Warden
Source: The Northern Echo
Summary: Rev. Jonathan Bailey, a 31 old vicar, becomes the first permanent warden at Marrick Priory.  Read more…

1972 – Uncovering Remains

Date: 1972
Headline: Boys dig up Priory past
Source: The Northern Echo
Summary: Three schoolboys – working as odd-job men in their holidays – uncover remains and call in archaeological experts.  Read more…

1972 – Shopping in Reeth

Date: Aug 1972
Headline: Girls Shopping in Reeth
Source: The Northern Echo
Summary: Photo of girls from Sunderland shopping in Reeth whilst staying at Marrick Priory.  Read more…

1973 – History and Early Years as Outdoor Centre

Date: September 1973
Headline: Untitled Article
Source: Vernon Mortimer
Summary: Detailing the history of Marrick Priory and the early years of the Outdoor Centre.  Read more…

1979 – Life at Marrick Priory

Date: 1979
Headline: Youth in community
Source: The Church Times
Summary: Life at Marrick Priory as an Outdoor Centre.  Types of guests and experiences.  Read more…

1992 – Snowfall at Marrick Priory

Date: Monday 26th October 1992
Headline: And it’s only October
Source: The Northern Echo
Summary: Snowfall at Marrick Priory (photo).  The main text is about the cold weather in the local area.  Read more…

1997 – Fund Raising for New Facilities

Date: Tuesday 9th September 1997
Headline: Priory looks to next 800 years
Source: The Northern Echo
Summary: Appeal to raise £850,000 to improve facilities at the Priory.  New accommodation, equipment store, teaching room, staff quarters and disabled facilities.  Read more…