Marrick Priory

Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions for online booking of single session activities

1.  Re-assuring you about Covid cancellations

The global pandemic has affected all our lives and we want to make it simple and fair to our participants at the current time.

For any online booking for an event or activity session that is due to happen from 6 April to 31 October 2021 we will allow the following: 

  • If your booking cannot go ahead, due to local or national coronavirus restrictions on your chosen activity or travel in your area, then we will issue you with a full refund or allow you to transfer your booking to a mutually agreed date.
  • If individuals from your group are subject to local Coronavirus restrictions in their area but other group members are not, we either make a full refund or continue to run the activity with a smaller group. The minimum number charge would still apply if we run this session.
  • If the person undertaking the booking or a member of their group tests positive for Covid -19 and/or is required to self isolate then we will refund the charge made for that individual. Please supply us with a copy of the result or the relevant Track and Trace documents.  We will continue the booking for the remaining participants and the minimum number charge for the session will still apply.
  • If you have multiple individual cancellations from your group due to Covid -19 we will discuss with you either transferring the session to another time, issuing you with a voucher valid for 12 months or running the session with a reduced number.  The minimum charge would be the cost for 4 participants as originally booked.
  • If we are unable to run your activity session due Covid -19 issues affecting our staff or business, we will issue a full refund, or give you the option to transfer your booking to another date or issue you with a voucher valid for 12 months.

2. Cancellations, alterations and reduction in numbers of your booking

25% charge for cancellations more than 56 days before the event.

50% charge for cancellations more than 28 days before the event

75% charge for cancellations more than 14 days before the event 100% charge for cancellations up to 14 days before the event.

3. Increasing participant numbers

You may increase the number of participants up to the maximum number per activity group for the standard charge per person up to 14 days before the event.  Less than 14 days please contact us we will always try to help.

4. Reduction in participant numbers

You may reduce the participant numbers up to 14 days before the event and receive a refund for these places but the minimum number charge for each programmed activity group still applies. For example reducing your participants from 5 participants to 3 incurs the minimum charge for 4 participants. Reducing the number of activity groups from 2 to 1 will still incur the minimum charge for 2 activity groups. Reductions within 14 days incur the full charge.

5. Cancellation of participants for medical reasons

If a participant cancel 7 days or more prior to the event and produces a medical note from their doctor then a full refund is given.

If a participant cancels within 7 days of the event and produces a medical note from their doctor then a voucher will be given that is valid for 12 months.

6. Participation statement

All individuals who choose to participate in Adventurous Activities do so on the understanding that they are undertaking activities that carry an inherent risk.

The person who makes the booking must be 18 years or older.

The person making the booking is responsible for ensuring all participants inform Marrick Priory of any medical conditions and disabilities before beginning the activity.

All participants agree to follow the safety instructions and wear the safety equipment provided for the session.

Appropriate footwear and clothing for the activity must be worn on all sessions.

All participants must complete a participation statement and disclose any disability, medical issue or details of medication they are taking to the Instructor prior to the session. 

Participants must inform us if they need to take any medication during the event. 

If any participant is unsure whether they should undertake the activity they should seek medical advice prior to the event.

Participants must be a minimum of 3 years old.

Participants aged 3-7 years old must be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian.

Participants under the age of 18 years old must be accompanied by at least 1 adult.

Any participant under the age of 18 must obtain the written consent of their accompanying adult on the participation form.  Any accompanying adult who signs the participation form on behalf of an under 18 year old must have obtained consent from the parent or legal guardian of the under 18 year old.

Participants agree not to undertake any activity run by Marrick Priory whilst under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Our Instructing staff reserve the right to refuse participation and cancel the session if they believe individuals or group members to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  All participants forfeit their fees if the entire session is cancelled in these circumstances.

All participants who choose to undertake water activities must be capable of swimming at least 25m.

All participants must show appropriate respect to other users of the countryside. This means moderating their level of noise, behaviour, language.

All litter and waste must be taken home or disposed of in a recognized and appropriate bin.

All participants must make their best efforts to protect their own health and safety and the health and safety of other participants.