Marrick Priory

Fundraising for New Facilities

Date: Tuesday 9th September 1997
Headline: Priory looks to next 800 years
Source: The Northern Echo

An education centre founded by 12th Century nuns is starting an £850,000 appeal to ensure it continues its service to young people into the next millennium.

The money will be used to build new accommodation, rebuild old quarters and improve facilities at Marrick Priory, near Richmond, North Yorkshire.

Conservative Party leader, William Hague MP, will officially launch the appeal on September 19, at the Priory, which was founded in 1154 by Benedictine nuns.

The appeal funds will be split into two parts. The first £150,000 will be used to upgrade the kitchens and carry out initial structural improvements, while the other £700,000 will be used to build a new accommodation block, an equipment store
and a teaching room built, rebuild staff living quarters and improve facilities for the disabled.


The Priory, which stands alongside the River Swale, is visited by 2,500 people a year and provides opportunities for outdoor learning and education with a Christian outlook.

It was turned into a residential outdoor education centre in 1970. Visitors can take part in canoeing, caving, rock climbing, mountain biking, orienteering and overnight camping.

The work focuses on young people and those with special needs.

Appeal committee chairman, General Sir Charles Huxtable, said: “I am delighted that William Hague will be launching this important appeal which is vital to ensure that Marrick Priory’s valuable work with young people can continue.”

Further details on the fundraising and the extent of the work will be released at the launch.

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